Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Bake Cookies (my version)

I had a hankering to bake something last night but knew I probably wouldn't have all the ingredients to make anything.....because I had no eggs. I flipped thru my cookbook anyway and finally found something that doesn't take eggs, No Bake Cookies. As I looked thru the ingredients list I saw they needed cocoa, didn't have this either. I decided to go ahead and make them anyway and they would just be peanut butter no bake cookies. :) I was actually excited not to have to turn my oven on too because after making supper my kitchen was hot.

I gathered the ingredients and got to work. These are probably some of the easiest things to make and have a delicious outcome.

When it was all mixed I gathered some in a spoon, formed it into a ball and dropped it onto wax paper and waited for them to cool before eating. They taste just like regular no bake cookies but without the chocolate taste. Yum!

No Bake Cookies
Source: My local American Legion cookbook

2 cups Sugar
1/4 cup Cocoa (I excluded)
1/2 cup Chunky Peanut Butter
1/4 tbs Butter
1 tbs Vanilla
pinch of salt
1/2 cup Milk
3 cups Quick Oats

Mix in pan: Sugar, Cocoa, Milk & Butter. Set on medium heat and cook until it starts to boil. Remove from heat and cool for 1 minute. Add Vanilla, Salt, Peanut Butter and Oats. Stir well, let cool. Drop onto waxed paper and let set to dry.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No more Whale tub

It's finally sinking in that my baby girl is isn't such a baby anymore. Yes she's still considered an infant but she's growing so fast and learning so much. She's even outgrown her whale tub and is taking baths in the big tub now.

All Moved In

Two weeks ago we made the journey from our old home to our new home. We never realize how much crap stuff we have until we move.

Brandon took the day off of work Friday so we could get a good start and maybe not have to do much on Sunday. I'm not real sure why we thought we would get alot done with just the two of us while also taking care of Lily. We didn't get started until about 2:00 because the living room carpet didn't get layed until then and only one load of stuff got moved all day. This was our last night in the old house.

We woke up early Saturday and went and ate breakfast then got started loading the trailer up. Again, it was me, Brandon, and little Lily so I knew we wouldn't be able to get much done. We were able to get alot in the first load despite the nonstop rain and fussy Lily. After we got the trailer unloaded in the new house Brandon's step dad came in the afternoon to help Brandon go get the really heavy stuff that I couldn't lift. They came back and unloaded that stuff and then started finish the bathroom while my mother in law and I unpacked some stuff. A few hours later the bathroom was done and we were all exhausted. We decided to go get some pizza then come home and call it a night.

Sunday we got up and started at it again. We went back to the old house and got another load and when we came back Brandon's mom and my mom were waiting at the house for us. They helped unload the trailer while I watched Lily and soon my dad and brother arrived to help also. They put the washer and dryer in the basement while Brandon and his step dad went to the house to burn a bunch of stuff and bring back what we needed from outside. We all worked until about 6:00 then decided to go eat uptown before everyone headed home.

I am liking living in town so much better and having a nice finished home is so nice and much easier to live in. I still have alot to unpack and put away but when I get it done I'll post some pics.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mexican Dorito Casserole

It's been forever since I've posted a recipe. Mainly because I haven't actually cooked in a fully functional kitchen in a year. Yes we lived in that house without a kitchen sink for a year! I don't know how we went that long honestly. Most of our meals were either done in the microwave or were light meals made with the stove and oven, or we just ate out. BTW, the dishes were done in the bathroom sink. It was awful. I was never able to make any casseroles or any of my good meal recipes. That my friends, has changed now!

I finally made a new recipe last night that I've been wanting to try out. I found it over at Jam Hands. It's called Mexican Dorito Casserole. It's very easy to make and was delicous! I think next time I make it I'll just get plain diced tomatoes instead of Ro-tel because it was a little spicy for us but otherwise it's a great mexican dish.

Mexican Dorito Casserole
Source: Jam Hands

2 c. shredded cooked chicken (I cut up 4 pieces)

1 c. shredded cheese (I used the mexican kind)
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup sour cream
1 can Ro-tel tomatoes (canned tomatoes with jalepenos-mild)
1/2 packet taco seasoning (I used a whole packet)
Bag of doritos (we used the cheese ones)

1. Pre-heat oven to 350-f degrees.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except doritos.
3. In a greased 2 qt baking dish, put a layer of crushed doritos (about 2 cups), then a layer of the chicken mixture. Repeat once more, ending with a layer of chicken mixture. Top with more shredded cheese, cover, and bake for 30-35 minutes, till bubbling hot.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silly Girl

I had the diapers sitting next to Lily on the floor and next thing I know she had them all out. She was having so much fun I couldn't take them away right then so I snapped a few pics of her. She always knows when she's being a silly girl.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Couponing Buzz

All I've been seeing lately on the internet and Facebook is couponing. Everyone keeps talking about the "Extreme Couponing" show and how much they saved while at the store using their coupons. I get why people do it, as I use them myself. BUT, the thing that errks me a little is this: Coupons have always been around! Everyone acts like it's the new thing and they just started coming out. I remember going to the grocery store with my mom when I was little and she used them. I would actually get a little embarrassed and irritated that we had to take up more time in the line so my mom could give the cashier her coupons. I was a horrible daughter, I know. :)

Do you use coupons?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awesome Shopping Friday

We now have a couple "County garage sales" on Facebook that are close to me. Last week I had found a lady selling a Chicco infant car seat with one new base and one used one for only $85. It immediately struck my eye (since I had wanted a Chicco when we had Lily but couldn't afford one.) Better yet, it didn't expire until 2014 so we can use it for our next kid!! I immediately contacted her and we set up a time for me to pick it up on Friday.

I also found another lady on the same site that had a lot of girl clothes leftover from a rummage sale. She said I could come on Friday and look at them also.

Friday came and I packed the diaper bag, got Lily in her car seat and we hit the road. First of course we went and picked up the car seat, which I loved at first sight!! :)
Then it was time to go look thru clothes.

We spent probably 45 minutes there because this girl had so many clothes. She ended not having alot of 6-9 mth that would work but I got alot of 12 mth so it was a successful trip. She also makes hair accessories so I got Lily a little zebra korker and me a headband.

I had read on Craigslist about a big garage sale in our town that was supposed to have a lot of little girl things also so I decided to head out there on the way home. I must've been way too late because she didn't have hardly any clothes left. I only ended up getting two 18mth onsies and a couple crib sheets.

On the way back thru town I drove by the new house and I saw our neighbor was having a garage sale too so I stopped to see what she had. I hit the jackpot here!!

I got a brand new small blow up pool for $5 and a huge bulletin board with a good frame on it for $2. I plan to do something neat with this.

She also had a minty green bumbo seat for $7. I had wanted this one for my shower but didn't get one so my aunt gave me her blue one to use. I'm going to take the blue one to my moms and keep the new one at our house.

I also got a really nice space saver high chair for $10!! We don't have a high chair at all right now and the dining area in the new house isn't very big so this will help us tremendously.

I love finding good deals!1

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day

Yesterday I woke up to a very happy Lily! She actually let us get her out of bed and give her a bath before wanting a bottle. This never happens! After we were all ready, we headed to my parents. My dad made rip tibs, sweet potatoes, and we had salad. It was all so delicious!!

Later on my mom and I took Lily to see my grandparents (L's greatgrandparents.) My grandma has been a sewer for like..ever so I was anxious to go and get some fabric scraps from her. We mingled with them for a while and left about 4:00.

As soon as we got back I got everything packed up and Lily in her seat so we could head to Brandon's parents. We ate supper there and left about 7:00 so we could get home and have some time to relax before heading to bed.

My 1st Mother's Day was ok with a few ups and downs throughout the day but I still feel extremely blessed to have my little girl here with me. Even if she is fighting a nap right now. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seafood on a sub???

I've seen these seafood subs advertised for Subway for a while now but had never been brave enough to try one. Lily and I went to eat lunch with Brandon today and of course we went to Subway. I decided it was finally time to taste this seafood sub I've been seeing.

I got it on Wheat bread with no cheese and nothing on it except for light mayonnaise. After tasting the first bite the verdict was....yum!! It was so good! Everyone thinks it's probably going to be gross because of the "seafood" name but it's just crab meat, that's it.

Go try one! I dare you.

A Late Easter Post

I'm a little late doing this now but I didn't want to miss posting Easter pictures of Lily.

Sunday we went my Grandparents house for lunch then around 4 we headed to Brandon's parents house for supper. Lily didn't particpate in the egg hunt but I have a few pictures of her basket from the Easter bunny and her in her dress. I had planned on having us all wear matching colors so we could get a good family photo but Brandon refused to wear the shirt I got him so we'll have to do that another day.
Being distracted by Daddy
and entertained by Marly

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Memories of my Willow

Right after we got her

Sleeping after a long day on Christmas

Halloween 2009

She loved to play


Today is a very sad day. My precious yorkie, Willow passed away last night. She had gotten into some rat poison in our laundry room last week and we thought she'd be fine because she wasn't showing any signs of sickness, until yesterday. I got up to let her and Marly out and there she was, laying on a towel soaked in blood. I immediately called Brandon and told him and he said he'd check her out when he got home. I couldn't even go back in to check on her all day because I was so afraid I would see her and she would be gone. Finally around 2:00 I decided to open the door to the laundry room and let the dogs go outside. Willow came out but not very well. She only got a few feet into the kitchen and collapsed. I decided to get her back into the laundry room and just let her lay down.

When Brandon got home he checked her out and said nothing in her felt broken and it was probably the poison taking control of her. At that point I knew she wasn't going to make it and broke down in tears. He moved her outside to the pen and gave her some water and food and she took a little but was still not active at all. We left to go work at the new house and do laundry and about 7:00 a storm was brewing.

We came back home to put Willow inside and get a few things before heading back to the new house. It has a basement so we knew we'd be safe there. When I walked outside I saw Brandon didn't have Willow in his arms. She had passed sometime when we were gone. Somehow I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't want to believe it. I cried on the way back to town and have been all day today.

We had only had her a few years but she was my baby, besides Lily of course. I loved her so much and don't even want to believe she's gone....
RIP My Precious Willow

Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Dollar Score!

I was at Family Dollar the other day when I decided to check out the hair stuff. I thought maybe I could find Lily some cute flowers or bows. As I was looking around I saw a 4 pack of crocheted headbands for $1!!! I paid almost $2 on just one of these before she was born! I only grabbed one pack of cream, red, black, and gray because she had all of the other colors but I couldn't believe it when I saw these so cheap.

Doc appt

Lily had her 6 month doctor appt and shots Friday (even though she's almost 7 mths.) She had been sleeping and hadn't had a very good nap before we got there so she was grouchy the whole time. Plus, Brandon wasn't with me so it made it even worse. She weighed 15 lbs 12 oz and was 26" long so she's a little small for her age but I really think she'll always be a petite little thing.

While we were waiting for the doctor to come in the room I had her sitting on the table and she was so tired and cranky she was continuously putting her arms out for me and not happy unless I was holdig her. It broke my heart but that's the first time she's ever held out her arms for me that much. When the doctor came in she immediately started crying so I knew this wasn't going to be a great visit. He said she looked good and since she's been doing good on baby food we can start her on solids, meaning "our" food as long as it's mashed good. I immediately was in shock...can my baby girl be ready for adult food already?

I had to ask him about a rash that's on the back her neck she's been scratching at but he said it was just a heat rash, nothing to be concerned about. She's also sitting up the way she should be and also putting weight on her legs, which she's always done. Sometimes I think she'll be walking before she's crawling.

After the doctor checked her all over it was time for shots. The nurses came in and I set her down the the table one last time and dreaded what was to come. I think Lily knew what was happening because she immediately started crying. She had to get 3 shots and an oral solution but thankfully they did them fast because as soon as they stuck her she started really couldn't get her breathe crying and that's the worst. I picked her up as soon as they were done but she didn't calm down a whole lot. I quickly got her dressed and put her in her car seat so we could go and she finally stopped. It wasn't long after we pulled out of the drive and she fell asleep.

I hate seeing my daughter so upset, it's heart breaking. We get to wait until she's a year now before shots again.

Sweet Potatoes

We started giving Lily baby food a few weeks ago. Last week we gave her sweet potatoes and she loved them. She did get a little messy though...
She has since done a lot better with them but we still strip her down when she eats her veggies.

We're Moving!

We've been talking about moving for a while now. We are currently living in Brandon's grandparents (they've passed) house about 8 miles from town. When we moved in we had the idea to fix it up and make it nice. Since we were doing the work and paying for it, we didn't have to pay rent. We did quite a bit of work to the thing while I was pregnant....put new floors down, painted, tore down a wall, make an opening bigger, and put new drywall up in the living room and dining room. We only got so far then ran out of money, especially when we needed to start buying for the baby. So the remodeling stopped. The house currently isn't fully kitchen cabinets, no sink, countertop, etc. We have to do our dishes in the bathroom sink. The bathtub is gross, I don't even like taking a shower..and I can't even take a bath because it's so shallow, and I am a bath lover!! Also we are using the dining room as our living room because the living room isn't finished and the only heat we have is a small propane heater in the "living room" and electric heaters in our bedroom. Poor Lily isn't even able to be in her room because it's too cold in there.  We also don't have much storage space at all so our house is cluttered!! And everything in the house runs off of propane except for the electricity so it's very expensive, especially in the winter.

We also would just rather be in town.

A couple weeks ago Brandon came home and told me a guy he works with has a house that just sits with no one in it. He had hired someone to remodel it but he decided he wanted to go back to school so it's sitting there not getting done. We went and looked at it and I decided I really liked it, plus the owner said we could go ahead and finish remodeling it and do whatever we wanted to do to it...with his money, not ours. It is a little small and only has 1 bedroom on the lower level but it has 2 upstairs so we can be up there with Lily and a basement!! The kitchen is pretty small but we'll actually have a fully functional kitchen with cabinets and a sink so I'm thrilled.

We're going tonight to start painting to so I'll be sure and get some good "before" pics. I'm so anxious to have a nice place to come home to and a finished, safe, place for Lily. Hopefully we'll be moved in by Mother's Day!!

What a Waste..

Saturday was the big open house with the other 4 girls. As I mentioned in the previous post my goal was to sell $2000 and have 10 show bookings. We also wanted to have at least 100 people show up. After 5 hours of being there, our guest total was 12....yes 12!! After having a Facebook event up for almost a month and putting up flyers only 12 people came.

I ended up having only 2 people order from me and my total sales were $110, and no shows booked. I can't even count it as a real show because a real show is $250 or more. I am beyond disappointed and very frustrated. I ordered so much supplies and displays for this thing thinking we would have a really good turnout and we didn't.

I really need to book some shows so I'm running a special in May that if you book a party with me before Easter you get $25 in free product and if you buy from me this week you get 10% off......any takers???

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've been seeing these posts in the blog world for a while now and just never thought to do it. Today I saw the perfect things for a post like this. I doubt I make this a weekly thing but I really want to share what I'm loving today.

1. This little girl!! She finally went down for her nap this morning without putting up much of a fight.

2. My new HP 3 in 1 printer.

I originally had this HP printer that did a good job, however, it had been packed away in storage until last weekend. Brandon was so kind to dig it out for me so I could start using it to print my lia sophia stuff. I got it out one day ready to use it when I realized the power cord was missing....great :(.

I have been thinking about getting a new 3 in 1 printer anyway so I could make copies of the stuff rather than having to print it all and this just made me want one even more. Last night while at Wal-Mart I was looking at them and Brandon gave me the ok to get one. I booted it all up today and I've printed a few things and I love it. It's a chic black and I think I might have to put some pink accents on it to make it more "me." It ended up being $60 which was more than I wanted to spend but it's tax deductible since I use it for my business so I guess it's fine. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Open House

Saturday is a big day for me and my lia sophia business. I will doing an open house/expo with 4 other girls....who all just happen to be my cousins! Between the 5 of us we will displaying lia sophia, Thirty-One Gifts, Mary Kay, Scentsy, and It Works Body Wraps. We'll be set up for 5 hours so I hope we have at least 100 people come through. That's the goal anyway.

I had to order quite a few supplies so I'd have enough stuff and I'm going to be very busy these next couple of days getting my packets together and making sure I have everything I need.

My goal is to have $2000 worth of sales and get 10 show bookings...wish me luck!

If you would like to help contribute you can go to my Click on "our jewelry" then under "hostess lookup", type in my name, Crystal Ault. When the box pops us, click my name and start shopping!! We have a great Customer Save Plan this 2, get 4 (the most expensive) half off!!!

You can also have a catalog party if you want and everything will get shipped directly to you to distribute. Our hostess benefits are awesome and this months hostess special is have a $600 or more show and get $100 worth of jewelry for $19!!

Let me help you add to your jewelry wardrobe!! Everyone woman needs some sparkle!

Monday, April 11, 2011

6 Months

Lily turned 6 months in March and here's her pic in her chair.
and her St. Pattys Day pic

5 Months

Lily turned 5 months back in February but I wasn't able to post her pic then so here it is now.

Here's her Valentine's Day pic with her min lily Daddy got her.


Last night Brandon asked me why I wrote a blog and it got me thinking. Why do I write a blog? Why do I take the time out of my day to do it? I don't have a ton of followers. I don't get many comments on my posts. I have no sponsors and my blog isn't even a popular one.

I didn't have an answer for him but I think the reason I write one is to just get all of my feelings out and to be some kind of entertaiment. I follow a TON of blogs and I love reading about other people's lives, projects, recipes, and whatever else they write about. I hope other people that either already follow my blog or just stumble upon it will get enjoyment out of reading what I have to say...and hopefully someday I will have that long list of followers I'd love to have an each one of my posts will have 5 or 10 comments. So that's why!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I need a sewing machine!!

I've wanted a sewing machine for a while now but don't want to spend the money for a new one. I may be able to find one at a thrift store but of course everytime I'm there I forget to look for one. I have alot of things I want to do with it but most of them can wait until I find one. I ran across this post today and thought THIS IS WHY I NEED A SEWING MACHINE!! It's a business card holder and since I have lia sophia business cards this would be great to throw in my purse and keep them all together. If you having a sewing machine and are interested in knowing how to make on you can check this out. It's a really good and thorough tutorial. And if you just want to be nice and make me one I like Pink and Gray!! HaHa!

Here is the link.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm back

After quitting my job in February we finally got the internet at home. I know I have a lot of making up to do in my blog posts so please just bare with me and I'll try to catch up as soon as I can. The biggest update I have besides Lily getting so big is I am now a stay at home mom and I've started selling Lia Sophia. Let me tell you, I think I've found my new passion. I love every part of doing this and I am able to have more girl time than I have in a long time. It is so fun for me and I make extra money for my family so it's awesome! If you are interested, check out my website! We have a great Customer Special going on right now. Buy 2, get up to 4 half off....and they are the most expensive items!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ribbon Holder

I found this tutorial on another blog...sorry I forgot where. Please let me know if this is yours!!

I grabbed a slotted basket from Dollar General and some dowels from work (when I worked). I just placed my ribbon spools on the dowels and slid them through the slots in the basket then put the ribbon ends through the holes to be accessible. Total cost=$3.50

I'm a Stay at Home Mommy!!

Friday Feb. 4th was my last day at work! I've loved staying home with Lily the past 2 weeks and really don't miss my job at all. Everyone asks me what I do with my free time but the truth is, I don't have much. Lily doesn't like to take naps and when she does it's usually not for very long. When she does decide to sleep I try to get my couponing done for the week and catch up on laundry, cleaning, etc. We've also made a few trips to the local thrift stores. :)

Anyone else a stay at home mom??

Friday, February 4, 2011

Do you thrift shop??

Just wondering how many of you also shop at thrift stores and where you shop!! My list includes Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, the local resale shops, and Goodwill when I get to the bigger towns. I plan to do alot more thrifting now that I'm a STAY AT HOME MOM!!! More on that this weekend...

My winnings!!

I've been entering giveaways nonstop on the blogs I follow and haven't won anything..until a couple of weeks ago. I entered this giveaway back in January and I won!! It's a really cute frame that I can display pictures on and easily interchange them.  Here's the frame displayed on our entertainment center. Thank you Liz!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bows, Bows, & More Bows!

I made more bows for Lily yesterday!!! I have so much ribbon leftover from our wedding, she's gonna have a ton in these colors. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

4 Months Old

Lily is 4 months!! Where does the time go???

She is now rolling from her tummy to her back and really trying to go from back to tummy but gets caught then gets mad. :)
She is also "talking" alot and trying to stand on your legs or wherever she can put her feet down really.
She is sleeeping thru the night from about 8-8:30 until 6-6:30 am.
She just recently started eating between 5-6 oz each feeding.
We got for her next checkup and shots on Feb. 11th but she should be at least 12 lbs by now and definitely getting longer.
She is wearing size 3 mth and some 3-6mth clothes and can fit into size 1 shoes.
She's always smiling and is starting to giggle...I found her tickle spot yesterday. :)

She really is the center of our life right now and we love waking up to her everyday!
Here's some recent pics...I still have to get her "4 mth" pic today.

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