Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awesome Shopping Friday

We now have a couple "County garage sales" on Facebook that are close to me. Last week I had found a lady selling a Chicco infant car seat with one new base and one used one for only $85. It immediately struck my eye (since I had wanted a Chicco when we had Lily but couldn't afford one.) Better yet, it didn't expire until 2014 so we can use it for our next kid!! I immediately contacted her and we set up a time for me to pick it up on Friday.

I also found another lady on the same site that had a lot of girl clothes leftover from a rummage sale. She said I could come on Friday and look at them also.

Friday came and I packed the diaper bag, got Lily in her car seat and we hit the road. First of course we went and picked up the car seat, which I loved at first sight!! :)
Then it was time to go look thru clothes.

We spent probably 45 minutes there because this girl had so many clothes. She ended not having alot of 6-9 mth that would work but I got alot of 12 mth so it was a successful trip. She also makes hair accessories so I got Lily a little zebra korker and me a headband.

I had read on Craigslist about a big garage sale in our town that was supposed to have a lot of little girl things also so I decided to head out there on the way home. I must've been way too late because she didn't have hardly any clothes left. I only ended up getting two 18mth onsies and a couple crib sheets.

On the way back thru town I drove by the new house and I saw our neighbor was having a garage sale too so I stopped to see what she had. I hit the jackpot here!!

I got a brand new small blow up pool for $5 and a huge bulletin board with a good frame on it for $2. I plan to do something neat with this.

She also had a minty green bumbo seat for $7. I had wanted this one for my shower but didn't get one so my aunt gave me her blue one to use. I'm going to take the blue one to my moms and keep the new one at our house.

I also got a really nice space saver high chair for $10!! We don't have a high chair at all right now and the dining area in the new house isn't very big so this will help us tremendously.

I love finding good deals!1

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  1. wow, such great deals!!! i wish i could find deals like this!


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