Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All Moved In

Two weeks ago we made the journey from our old home to our new home. We never realize how much crap stuff we have until we move.

Brandon took the day off of work Friday so we could get a good start and maybe not have to do much on Sunday. I'm not real sure why we thought we would get alot done with just the two of us while also taking care of Lily. We didn't get started until about 2:00 because the living room carpet didn't get layed until then and only one load of stuff got moved all day. This was our last night in the old house.

We woke up early Saturday and went and ate breakfast then got started loading the trailer up. Again, it was me, Brandon, and little Lily so I knew we wouldn't be able to get much done. We were able to get alot in the first load despite the nonstop rain and fussy Lily. After we got the trailer unloaded in the new house Brandon's step dad came in the afternoon to help Brandon go get the really heavy stuff that I couldn't lift. They came back and unloaded that stuff and then started finish the bathroom while my mother in law and I unpacked some stuff. A few hours later the bathroom was done and we were all exhausted. We decided to go get some pizza then come home and call it a night.

Sunday we got up and started at it again. We went back to the old house and got another load and when we came back Brandon's mom and my mom were waiting at the house for us. They helped unload the trailer while I watched Lily and soon my dad and brother arrived to help also. They put the washer and dryer in the basement while Brandon and his step dad went to the house to burn a bunch of stuff and bring back what we needed from outside. We all worked until about 6:00 then decided to go eat uptown before everyone headed home.

I am liking living in town so much better and having a nice finished home is so nice and much easier to live in. I still have alot to unpack and put away but when I get it done I'll post some pics.

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