Monday, December 30, 2013

7 Months

Brady turned seven months on the 28th of Dec. I'm very late getting his post.

He's wearing 6-9 month clothes & 9 month pjs. He's mastered sitting up and is crawling everywhere. 

We no longer use the baby bath and loves being in the big tub with Lily. As soon as he sees her bathroom light turn on, he gets in there as soon as he can. 

Here's his 7 month pic, just 3 weeks late.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone now and of course it's always sad. I started preparing in October and it was over in an instant. I was very excited this year for Christmas. Not only did we have two kids to enjoy it with but also Lily is old enough to really have fun with it. 

We started on Sunday before Christmas at my parent's house. We had lunch then opened gifts. It definitely was more chaotic this year than previous years. My nephew wasn't interested much after just a few gifts and Lily wouldn't wait her turn before opening. We also had an accident with Lily and had to take her to the E.R. Check out that post! 

We got thru it but I'm glad it's over. 

Christmas Eve we went to my Grandparent's to eat supper & open gifts. Hubs and I just get money but Lily got a Jingle dog with book and Brady got diapers & a small toy. I always enjoy seeing family that doesn't live close to us. It's a great time for Lily to play with the cousins too. 

Before bed we set out cookies for Santa. Of course there's no pic but He left Lily a note in the morning.
And Mr Elf wrote the kids a message also.

Of course Christmas morning Santa came and like every year, he outdid himself. ;)
Lily woke up before I did so after seeing her gifts she ran in and said "Santa brought me a house and Brady a car!" 

I actually took part in the unwrapping and enjoyed the moment so I didn't get many pictures except for after we were done.

We then went to my in laws house for lunch and to open more gifts. I don't have any pics from there but we all got great stuff and the kids received more than they need as usual. ;)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Christmas Time!

Ok people, there's only 2 weeks until Christmas! I think I finally have the house decorated and trees done.
Back before Thanksgiving I got Lily's tree out so we could put it in her room. She loved putting the ornaments on.
Last weekend we took a trip to Home Depot and picked out our tree. It's a 7ft pine and I just love it. Pictures don't do it any justice.
I also made some tomato cage trees.
And we put lights on the house!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mr. Elf

I decided this year since Lily is older that we would welcome the Elf on the Shelf. We didn't do the whole, read the book and no touching bit but I do tell her that he tells Santa when she's bad. We actually didn't even name him. I just say Mr. Elf. 
He hasn't done anything too major yet but we're only on day 12 so perhaps he will before Christmas. I actually forgot to hide him 2 days in a row....oops!
Day 8 & 9 forgot :(

Friday, December 6, 2013

Deer Season

Shotgun deer season was a few weeks ago so hubs was busy with that all weekend. It started with deer camp on Wednesday evening and went thru Sunday evening. My husband does both bow and shotgun and I'm so thankful he hasn't gone hunting as much this year like he usually does. I always feel like a single mom during this time. My dad and brothers hunt now also so this year we spent a lot of time at my parents house. This just meant the kids (and me) got to spend more time with my nephew Dayton. 
They had a blast playing together!

Oh and in case you're wondering...Yes, hubs got a deer so our freezer is fully stocked with meat. :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Turkey Day

So Thursday was Thanksgiving and boy was it busy for us! We hosted supper for my husbands side, and mine so when we woke up we started making sure the house was clean and ready for cooking. We went to my grandparents house for dinner as usual and about 3:30 we headed home. I started preparing my food as the guys were frying the turkey. Everyone arrived and mingled until the food was ready. We had tons of food and of course I didn't get any pictures. :(
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Half A Year

Brady turned 6 months old on Thanksgiving. Has it really been that long since I gave birth??? I feel like it was just yesterday. 
He's getting such a personality and loves to smile, laugh, and scream, cry, or whatever he needs to in order to get attention. Lol
He's finally evened out in his clothes and is wearing 6 month & 6-9 month pjs. 
He's still not taking a bottle very well and I decided to start trying him on a sippy cup. 
We've started feeding him oatmeal and he loves it. I can't believe in just 6 short months I'll no longer be nursing our little guy. It's become so natural to us and I admit I'll be a little sad when I stop. I'm so glad it worked out this time! 
First time trying cereal

Here's our happy little guy on Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Early Spirit

I'm in the Christmas spirit extra early this year! I've actually seen a lot of other people who are also so I don't feel so bad. 
Lily and I decided to start decorating last week. I still have quite a bit to do and we won't get out tree until after Thanksgiving. 

We also got some yummy Oreos!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dumpster Diving

A while ago I decided I wanted to decorate our home in antiques. I've found a few things in our barns and also bought some. 
My brother has also found me a few things. 
The other day my husband called and said he'd gotten me something out of the dumpster near his work. It was this vintage tricycle! I couldn't believe someone would throw it out!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Fall!

Well we can tell its officially Fall. The leaves on our front tree are almost all gone and got raked last night. Lily was able to help rake then jump in the pile so she had a blast. 

I've been seeing a commercial on tv where the family makes sloppy joes in biscuits and I had been wanting to try them for a while. I decided last night was perfect. 
They're super easy! I forgot to take pics during the making and I had one of the finished product but it got deleted. Ugghh!

Anyway, all you do is brown your beef then drain. Add a can of Manwich and keep heated. 
Make sure you have your oven preheated to what the biscuits require. Mine was 350. 
Take each biscuit out and flatten out. Spoon some mixture on one side of the biscuit and cover with cheese. Fold the other side over so it looks like a half moon. Continue until all biscuits are filled then bake according to package. Mine took about 15 minutes. These are better than regular sloppy joe sandwiches. Yum!

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's November!

Holy cow, where has time gone this year! November 4th already! 24 days until Thanksgiving and just under 8 weeks until Christmas. Last year Christmas snuck up on me and I found myself getting most of the gifts the week before. That is NOT happening this year. 

I found an awesome app on my iPhone to help me keep track of gifts & spending. It's called Santa's Bag. 
It's pretty neat! I've only started inputting gifts. ;)  And yes you saw correct; I've bought 3 gifts already! Woo hoo! 

Have you started your shopping yet?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Catch Up #2

On July 4th we took the kids to the zoo for the first time. Brady slept the whole time but Lily loved seeing the animals.

In the middle of July we received bad news. My grandpa on my mom's side had lung cancer that had spread to his brain. He went to the hospital on a Saturday evening and within a couple days was already not remembering people. I took the kids to see him on Tuesday and thankfully he did remember me. 
Heres the only picture I have of him with Brady. 
He was able to go home after a week in the hospital. On July 23rd, he passed away with my grandma and his children by his side. 

August came and we celebrated our 4 year anniversary as well as my 28th birthday. 
Hubs got me my first pair of boots as my anniversary/bday gift!
Love them!

We also attended a Chris Cagle concert this month. Thanks to my sister in law for the tickets! It was first concert we've ever been to together.

September 1st we celebrated Brandon's birthday. 
A few days later we found out my brother & sister in law are expecting their second child. I can't wait to see if I'll be getting another niece or nephew in May!

Fast forward to September 21st. Lily's 3rd birthday!! I took her to get her very 1st manicure...or basically just nails painted. She got to pick out the polish which was of course glitter. She was very shy the whole time until we left. ;) I think she enjoyed it anyway. 
Later that evening we had a small party at our house with family. She had a blast! 

September 28th, we went to the local pumpkin patch with my brother, sister in law, & my nephew. All of the kids had a great time! 

A few days later it was October. Here's a few pictures to show you what we did this month. 

Lily decorated her pumpkin in Hello Kitty duct tape.

We visited my grandma in the nursing home.

We played at the park.

Had to get a new mailbox. :(

Got our family pictures taken!

Got treats at the Zoo, saw the penguins, & went trick or treating!
Happy Halloween!!

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