Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone now and of course it's always sad. I started preparing in October and it was over in an instant. I was very excited this year for Christmas. Not only did we have two kids to enjoy it with but also Lily is old enough to really have fun with it. 

We started on Sunday before Christmas at my parent's house. We had lunch then opened gifts. It definitely was more chaotic this year than previous years. My nephew wasn't interested much after just a few gifts and Lily wouldn't wait her turn before opening. We also had an accident with Lily and had to take her to the E.R. Check out that post! 

We got thru it but I'm glad it's over. 

Christmas Eve we went to my Grandparent's to eat supper & open gifts. Hubs and I just get money but Lily got a Jingle dog with book and Brady got diapers & a small toy. I always enjoy seeing family that doesn't live close to us. It's a great time for Lily to play with the cousins too. 

Before bed we set out cookies for Santa. Of course there's no pic but He left Lily a note in the morning.
And Mr Elf wrote the kids a message also.

Of course Christmas morning Santa came and like every year, he outdid himself. ;)
Lily woke up before I did so after seeing her gifts she ran in and said "Santa brought me a house and Brady a car!" 

I actually took part in the unwrapping and enjoyed the moment so I didn't get many pictures except for after we were done.

We then went to my in laws house for lunch and to open more gifts. I don't have any pics from there but we all got great stuff and the kids received more than they need as usual. ;)

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