Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yay for Lily!!

She has slept all night that last two nights!! Woo hoo!! Monday night she fell asleep at 7:30 and didn't get up until 6:00 the next morning and last night she fell asleep at 8:30 and didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. Let's hope this is the beginning of sleeping all night always! I'm so proud of my baby girl!

Of course I still wake up multiple times and check to make sure she's breathing. ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our own Four Christmases

We had our own edition of "Four Christmases" this weekend.

Friday we went to my parents for lunch and opened presents then that evening we ate supper at my grandparents house (my dad's parents) and opened gifts there. The little kids are the only ones that get presents, everyone else gets money.
Pictures from Christmas Eve
The boys playing Playstation

Lily & my cousin's son Wyatt - 5 weeks apart
Lily taking her nap on Christmas before leaving.

The snow had fallen pretty heavily that day/night so we decided to spend the night at my parent's so we didn't have to drive home. Christmas morning we all had breakfast then it was time for us to go to Brandon's Mom and Stepdad's house.

We ate dinner with his parents, brother and sister-in law and 2 nieces then opened presents.
Here's a few pictures I took there. Lily loves watching tv on daddy's lap.
We finally got home around 5:00 and while Lily slept we watched two of the movies I had received.

Yesterday we went to my grandparent's house (my mom's parents) to eat dinner & open presents then we went home and finally opened Lily's presents from Santa.

Santa was very good to Lily this year bringing her some clothes, 3 Lamaze toys, a tummy time mat, 2 flower headbands (which I just remembered I left in her stocking, oops), My Pal Violet, and a glow seahorse. Daddy was very nice to Mommy this year bringing me a thirty-one tote I mentioned wanting and a new DSLR!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 Months

Lily turned 3 months yesterday. Unfortunately we were home sick with her. :(

Monday night I could tell she was congested and when she woke up yesterday morning she was a lot worse. She didn't seem to feel real sick and she was still all smiles but I didn't want to take any chances of getting the kids at the sitter I stayed home from work to stay with her. I had to give her saline drops twice and I was using the aspirator all day cleaning her nose out. I gave her tylenol last night and this morning and when she got up today she seemed better. I went ahead and took her to the sitter today and gave her the saline drops and aspirator if she needs to use it. Hopefully our little girl will be good as new by Friday.

I didn't get her usual monthly picture in her chair so I'll do that tonight but I get a couple anyway yesterday. Of course I forgot to bring my camera to work with me so I'll have to upload everything tomorrow.
From Tuesday

3 Month picture

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Christmas Card

I finally got around to picking up our Christmas cards at Wal-Mart Wednesday night. They've been done for about a week now, I just never had time to go get them. We never did get good family pictures taken for Christmas so I just decided to put some of the ones I had taken of Lily on it.

DIY Wreath

I have been reading alot of blogs lately and most of them are ladies who have DIY'd alot of their Christmas decor. I went to Salvation Army Wednesday and decided I wanted to hunt down some good stuff that I could "recreate." I ended up finding a wreath that had just a plain red ribbon on it for $1. I immediately snatched it up and took it home to see what I could make out of it.

I replaced the ribbon with one I had gotten at Dollar Tree and put some ornaments on it that I had gotten in a bag full of various colors, also from Salvation Army. My total cost for the wreath was $2.50. Here's the final result...not the best looking wreath but not too bad for my first time. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lily's 1st Christmas

I ordered Lily's 1st Chrismas ornament last week so I'm hoping it will come sometime this week. I can't wait to add it to our tree. I got it on Etsy here.
I also got her this stocking at Kohls Friday for $5!

And this ornament for $3

Oh Christmas Tree!

We've been trying to get our Christmas tree up for 2 weeks now and we still don't have it finished. This year since our living room isn't done I decided just to put up the white tree rather than getting a real one. I haven't even had a chance to get all of my ornaments out so it's just a few personal ones on it and blue & silver balls. I don't even have lights on it yet. :( I'm so disappointed at my lack of enthusiasm for Christmas this year.
I also decorated Lily's tree Saturday. It turned out really cute!

2 Month checkup

Technically Lily is on her way to 3 months right now but Friday we had her "2 month" checkup. I was anxious to see how much she had grown but I was not looking forward to her having her shots. I hate shots myself so I knew this poor little girl wasn't going to like them.

We got called back and immediately undressed her and got her weighed and measured. She is 10 lbs 4 oz and 22" long now!! My baby is growing so fast! :) The doctor then came in and checked her all over and told us she looks great and we are doing a good job with her. Oh how good that makes us feel when we're told that. She had woke up with a runny nose and sneezing Friday so he told me to put some saline drops in her nose and suck it out and thankfully that has helped and she's back to her healthy self again.

When the doctor was done, it was time for the dreaded shots. Two nurses came in and got the needles ready while I held Lily's arms back. She was getting 3 shots and an oral solution to help prevent diarrhea. They both did the first 2 shots at the same time and immediately Lily started crying. I felt so bad for her! One of the nurses did the third shot and it was finally over. I picked her up and calmed her down enough to feed her. She wasn't too bad after that and slept the whole way home and some in the evening. Of course that night she was pretty fussy and had a fever but the nurse said it was normal for that to happen.

We go in Februrary for her 4 month checkup and we'll do the same thing then. Oh how I'm dreading that day already....
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