Monday, December 27, 2010

Our own Four Christmases

We had our own edition of "Four Christmases" this weekend.

Friday we went to my parents for lunch and opened presents then that evening we ate supper at my grandparents house (my dad's parents) and opened gifts there. The little kids are the only ones that get presents, everyone else gets money.
Pictures from Christmas Eve
The boys playing Playstation

Lily & my cousin's son Wyatt - 5 weeks apart
Lily taking her nap on Christmas before leaving.

The snow had fallen pretty heavily that day/night so we decided to spend the night at my parent's so we didn't have to drive home. Christmas morning we all had breakfast then it was time for us to go to Brandon's Mom and Stepdad's house.

We ate dinner with his parents, brother and sister-in law and 2 nieces then opened presents.
Here's a few pictures I took there. Lily loves watching tv on daddy's lap.
We finally got home around 5:00 and while Lily slept we watched two of the movies I had received.

Yesterday we went to my grandparent's house (my mom's parents) to eat dinner & open presents then we went home and finally opened Lily's presents from Santa.

Santa was very good to Lily this year bringing her some clothes, 3 Lamaze toys, a tummy time mat, 2 flower headbands (which I just remembered I left in her stocking, oops), My Pal Violet, and a glow seahorse. Daddy was very nice to Mommy this year bringing me a thirty-one tote I mentioned wanting and a new DSLR!!

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