Sunday, December 1, 2013

Half A Year

Brady turned 6 months old on Thanksgiving. Has it really been that long since I gave birth??? I feel like it was just yesterday. 
He's getting such a personality and loves to smile, laugh, and scream, cry, or whatever he needs to in order to get attention. Lol
He's finally evened out in his clothes and is wearing 6 month & 6-9 month pjs. 
He's still not taking a bottle very well and I decided to start trying him on a sippy cup. 
We've started feeding him oatmeal and he loves it. I can't believe in just 6 short months I'll no longer be nursing our little guy. It's become so natural to us and I admit I'll be a little sad when I stop. I'm so glad it worked out this time! 
First time trying cereal

Here's our happy little guy on Thanksgiving.

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