Friday, January 21, 2011

4 Months Old

Lily is 4 months!! Where does the time go???

She is now rolling from her tummy to her back and really trying to go from back to tummy but gets caught then gets mad. :)
She is also "talking" alot and trying to stand on your legs or wherever she can put her feet down really.
She is sleeeping thru the night from about 8-8:30 until 6-6:30 am.
She just recently started eating between 5-6 oz each feeding.
We got for her next checkup and shots on Feb. 11th but she should be at least 12 lbs by now and definitely getting longer.
She is wearing size 3 mth and some 3-6mth clothes and can fit into size 1 shoes.
She's always smiling and is starting to giggle...I found her tickle spot yesterday. :)

She really is the center of our life right now and we love waking up to her everyday!
Here's some recent pics...I still have to get her "4 mth" pic today.


  1. oh my gosh Lily is so adorable!

    You might want to come check this out :)


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