Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Tour

I know I'm late doing this but I ran across this idea over on haleykrausphotography and thought it would be fun to do. We actually didn't have many neat ornaments on it until after Christmas, before they were mostly just bulbs....which is why the tour is coming after Christmas. :)

I'll start with my favorite bulbs that are on it....the glitter ones!!
The next one is my favorite ornament on the tree...Lily's 1st Christmas ornament. I had been searching for Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments for a while when I came across this post from Jenni. She was getting her daughter this ornament so I checked it out on Etsy and immediately fell in love. It's original and she's the only person I know that has it. ;) She got the Farmhouse one but I liked the Reindeer Games better so I chose it instead. You can print whatever you want on all 6 sides!
These next ornaments are what my Mom got us. They're really cute and they light up different colors.

Here they are in blue but they also glow in red & green.

The next ones are what my Mom and Brandon's Mom got Lily. She's going to have tons of ornaments on our Christmas trees!

Another one I had gotten her at Kohls.

And a few from previous years.

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