Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've been seeing these posts in the blog world for a while now and just never thought to do it. Today I saw the perfect things for a post like this. I doubt I make this a weekly thing but I really want to share what I'm loving today.

1. This little girl!! She finally went down for her nap this morning without putting up much of a fight.

2. My new HP 3 in 1 printer.

I originally had this HP printer that did a good job, however, it had been packed away in storage until last weekend. Brandon was so kind to dig it out for me so I could start using it to print my lia sophia stuff. I got it out one day ready to use it when I realized the power cord was missing....great :(.

I have been thinking about getting a new 3 in 1 printer anyway so I could make copies of the stuff rather than having to print it all and this just made me want one even more. Last night while at Wal-Mart I was looking at them and Brandon gave me the ok to get one. I booted it all up today and I've printed a few things and I love it. It's a chic black and I think I might have to put some pink accents on it to make it more "me." It ended up being $60 which was more than I wanted to spend but it's tax deductible since I use it for my business so I guess it's fine. :)

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