Monday, April 18, 2011

What a Waste..

Saturday was the big open house with the other 4 girls. As I mentioned in the previous post my goal was to sell $2000 and have 10 show bookings. We also wanted to have at least 100 people show up. After 5 hours of being there, our guest total was 12....yes 12!! After having a Facebook event up for almost a month and putting up flyers only 12 people came.

I ended up having only 2 people order from me and my total sales were $110, and no shows booked. I can't even count it as a real show because a real show is $250 or more. I am beyond disappointed and very frustrated. I ordered so much supplies and displays for this thing thinking we would have a really good turnout and we didn't.

I really need to book some shows so I'm running a special in May that if you book a party with me before Easter you get $25 in free product and if you buy from me this week you get 10% off......any takers???

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