Monday, April 18, 2011

We're Moving!

We've been talking about moving for a while now. We are currently living in Brandon's grandparents (they've passed) house about 8 miles from town. When we moved in we had the idea to fix it up and make it nice. Since we were doing the work and paying for it, we didn't have to pay rent. We did quite a bit of work to the thing while I was pregnant....put new floors down, painted, tore down a wall, make an opening bigger, and put new drywall up in the living room and dining room. We only got so far then ran out of money, especially when we needed to start buying for the baby. So the remodeling stopped. The house currently isn't fully kitchen cabinets, no sink, countertop, etc. We have to do our dishes in the bathroom sink. The bathtub is gross, I don't even like taking a shower..and I can't even take a bath because it's so shallow, and I am a bath lover!! Also we are using the dining room as our living room because the living room isn't finished and the only heat we have is a small propane heater in the "living room" and electric heaters in our bedroom. Poor Lily isn't even able to be in her room because it's too cold in there.  We also don't have much storage space at all so our house is cluttered!! And everything in the house runs off of propane except for the electricity so it's very expensive, especially in the winter.

We also would just rather be in town.

A couple weeks ago Brandon came home and told me a guy he works with has a house that just sits with no one in it. He had hired someone to remodel it but he decided he wanted to go back to school so it's sitting there not getting done. We went and looked at it and I decided I really liked it, plus the owner said we could go ahead and finish remodeling it and do whatever we wanted to do to it...with his money, not ours. It is a little small and only has 1 bedroom on the lower level but it has 2 upstairs so we can be up there with Lily and a basement!! The kitchen is pretty small but we'll actually have a fully functional kitchen with cabinets and a sink so I'm thrilled.

We're going tonight to start painting to so I'll be sure and get some good "before" pics. I'm so anxious to have a nice place to come home to and a finished, safe, place for Lily. Hopefully we'll be moved in by Mother's Day!!

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  1. that is so exciting! congrats on your move! hope your new home is everything you want it to be and more!


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