Thursday, March 31, 2011

I need a sewing machine!!

I've wanted a sewing machine for a while now but don't want to spend the money for a new one. I may be able to find one at a thrift store but of course everytime I'm there I forget to look for one. I have alot of things I want to do with it but most of them can wait until I find one. I ran across this post today and thought THIS IS WHY I NEED A SEWING MACHINE!! It's a business card holder and since I have lia sophia business cards this would be great to throw in my purse and keep them all together. If you having a sewing machine and are interested in knowing how to make on you can check this out. It's a really good and thorough tutorial. And if you just want to be nice and make me one I like Pink and Gray!! HaHa!

Here is the link.

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