Monday, September 21, 2009

Pulling Debut

Saturday was Brandon's first time pulling his new truck. He has been working on it the past few months & finally just got everything done & ready Friday night. On Saturday morning he got it loaded and washed and by 5:00 we were on our way. When we got there, he actually told me he was nervous. I've never seen him this nervous before! His class wasn't up yet so we walked up to the track, caught up with some of our friends and watched the tractors pull. Finally around 8:00 it was his turn to pull. He was #1 puller which made him even more nervous I think. While he got ready, I went across the track and sat with my family....a little nervous for him too. The class started, the announcer called his name & he pulled up to the sled. The lights turned green & here he come......he ended up just a little under 200 ft. Not bad. He turned that down and decided to come back last. When it was his turn come...just a little over 200 ft that time. After he we was done I went over to talk to him....of course he was flocked by a ton of the guys already. He said he was a little dissapointed and the transmission was slipping. We both agreed it wouldn't be a good idea to pull the next class so he loaded the truck up and we went and watched the rest of the pull. Overall I was very proud of him for doing it. He didn't win or even get close to winning but the rest of the guys that pulled against him have a whole lot more money in their trucks then we do ours. So...the night I feel was a success...he got down the track and didn't break anything!

My camera doesn't take very good night pics....which is why I'll be getting a pro camera soon ;)

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