Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Shower!

We had our baby shower Sunday afternoon and I guess by we I should say I...or me and Lily because Brandon wasn't there except to come after it was over and pack up everything in the vehicle. :)

My mom, mother-in law, future sister-in law, and 2 cousins did a great job planning it.

3 cousins and my future sister-in law
My Mom and I
My Mom, Me, and My Mother-in law
Sign in table and also pictures of Brandon and I and Lily's 3D pictures

We played a few games, including the string game where everyone cut a piece a string and tried to match it to the girth of my belly. It seems most people think I'm bigger than I am! My grandma ended up winning that one.

After the games everyone was able to get cake and punch and fill out their "Baby Bingo" card.
After I got done eating cake, I proceeded to open presents. The guests had to listen to what I received and mark each off their Bingo sheet and whoever got a bingo first won a prize.
Fleece blanket my Mom made
Blanket my Aunt made
I also received 2 very cute diaper cakes!
A collection of all the gifts

My mom also got me a beautiful bouquet of lillies since the baby's name is Lily. :)

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