Friday, August 13, 2010

Scary night

Last night was definitely a not so pleasant/scary night. We had finished supper and Brandon went outside to finish mowing while I stayed inside with the dogs. It's just too dang hot for me out there anymore! After a little while I heard a noise of something on our wood floor. It was our little dog Marly flopping rolling around. I immediately thought he was choking on a bone he'd been given at supper. I watched him for a little bit but he never really acted like he was choking on anything, just started staggering and panting. We went outside and I got Brandon and showed him how he was acting.

When we came back in he looked like he was walking ok then his feet would collapse on him. I finally got on my phone and started googling his symptoms. I came to the conclusion that he may have gotten overheated. I then noticed he went into our bedroom, laid down and then threw up. At that point I thought I'd better call the vet (yes at 8:30 at night.) He told me that what I first noticed (him rolling around) was probably a seizure and he his sugar level had probably dropped causing the drowsiness/staggering. He recommended giving him karo syrup but of course we didn't have any so we squirted pancake syrup in his mouth and that helped him almost immediately. He didn't get up from laying down but he seemed more alert so we just let him lay there for a little while then he came with us in our bedroom and laid down and went to sleep when we did.

I got up to go to the bathroom duirng the night and he got up with me and was still staggering a little. This morning when I got up he got right up ready to go outside and tail wagging! I'm so thankful he's doing good now because I was so upset last night thinking I would lose him.

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