Wednesday, August 4, 2010

32 Weeks

I didn't take a 32 week pic since I have my maternity pics on here and it was just 2 days before.

How far along? 32 weeks

Maternity clothes? Mainly just pants and what shirts I have but I can still fit into my preprego shirts pretty well too.

Stretch marks? Yes at the bottom of my stomach and they seem to be increasing every day.

Sleep? Bathroom breaks every night and it's really hard to roll over now.

Best moment this week? Baby shower Sunday and we finished painting her room and got a border up. Also had our last sonogram last Thursday.

Movement? Yes but I feel her just moving around more now instead of kicks. She's running out of room though so sometimes it almost hurts when she starts moving.

Food cravings? None this week

Gender? Still a GIRL!!!

Labor signs? Just some Braxton Hicks, nothing major

What I miss? Being able to roll over in bed, bend over, and fit into my normal clothes. Also being able to stay outside in the heat for a while and also not having to sit down after standing for not very long.

What I'm looking forward to? Getting the molding down over the floor and up against the ceiling then the "construction" phase of her room will be done.

Belly Button, innie or outtie? Innie still but I can't bend down to see it very well anymore.

Emotions: Still absentmindedness and crying easily. I'm having quite a bit of back pain still and these stinking sciatic nerve pains in my butt!

Milestones this week: Baby shower? Last sonogram?

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