Wednesday, August 18, 2010

34 weeks

yesterday I turned 34 weeks. I wont be doing anymore questionnaires sine I can't do this on my computer but ill try and update the best I can. I've had some big changes since last week. Friday I had my doc appt and after taking a stress test was sent to the hospital for having too many contractions. I spent all Fri night and sat there and got 4 shots to stop contractions and 2 steroid shots to help lily's lungs. I was finally released around 9 Saturday night. However I have been put on stage 3 bedrest until she arrives. Its gonna be a long 6 weeks. Unless she decides to come sooner. I also have to take a pill every 6 hours and get a shot every week at the doc to keep contractions from coming.


  1. oh no. sending some prayers to you and Lily. keep rested as much as you can.

  2. I have had the steroid shots and also the 17P shots for preterm labor (They work really well). Thoughts and prayers are with you and your blessing.


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