Friday, July 30, 2010

Yesterday's appt

We went to the doctor yesterday and had our last sonogram. (After having to call the insurance company because they still hadn't approved my 4th sono (we're only supposed to have 2 unless medically necessary and this would've been my 4th). Thank goodness it had been approved but apparently they weren't going to let the office know. Oh how I hate insurance companies sometimes.) After getting the approval # and letting the doctor know, I was finally able to go in and see our little girl.

Lily is weighing 3 lbs, 13 oz and is in the 53rd percentile. I thought her weight sounded kind of small but the tech and the doctor both said she was doing great so I'm  hoping she'll be under 8 lbs when she's born. Her heartbeat was a steady 143 and her measurements all are perfect. She wasn't very cooperative and had her face buried to the side with her hands in front basically the whole time but we did get to see her yawn once and stick her tongue halfway out. Let me tell ya, that is the cutest thing!

I'm not going to put up our pics that we got because honestly you can't tell much of anything out. I look at them and they all look like a blur. The tech kept pointing to different things and measuring and I would just think "How can you even tell this?" Most if it just looked like black spots.

After the sonograms I always have to get weighed and my blood pressure checked before I see the doctor. I actually think I gained a pound this week but the nurse evidently didn't see it go up or something because she wrote down the same weight from last time. When she saw I didn't gain any she actually asked me if I was dieting. Of course I said no but I wanted to say "Hello lady are you kidding me!!" Her little comment kind of irritated me but I didn't say anything. She then went on to say they'd really like me to gain at least 20-25 lbs. Uh sorry lady I can't help it if I'm not gaining a ton of weight.

The doctor finally came in so he could listen to the heartbeat and answer any questions we had. I really didn't have any so he just told me the preterm labor signs to watch for and that I should be getting more Braxton Hicks contractions.  He also said everything with me and the baby looked great and it's basically just a waiting game for the next 8 1/2 weeks. I wish I would've said something about my weight but of course I forgot until we were leaving. And I figure if he's not concerned I'm not gonna be.

I have two more visits that are every two weeks then it'll be every week......already!!!

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