Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY Closet Dividers

I had seen closet dividers before on and also on etsy and I knew I wanted to make them a DIY project. A while ago I had the guys here at work cut out my circles for me (oh how I love working at a woodworking factory.) They've been sitting in our closet just waiting to be decorated. Finally yesterday I was determined to get them done. We were at Family Dollar when I spotted a really cute roll of wrapping paper. I believe most people use scrapbook paper for theirs but I figured this would work just as it was only $1! I then grabbed a pack of glue sticks, also $1 and headed home.

I first started by laying all the circles down on the wrapping paper, tracing them, and cutting each out. Then, one by one I glued the paper on and set them aside to dry. After a while of drying I came back and wrote the sizes I needed on each. Tada....done!! And the best part, they were totally easy to do and only cost me $2 to make!!

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