Friday, June 4, 2010

Our New Bed

We finally got a king sized bed!! We've been wanting one for a long time and spotted one at an auction last Monday. I really thought we'd have no chance at getting it or it would go ridiculously high so I didn't have my hopes up. After at least an hour of standing around watching other stuff selling it was finally time to sell the bed. Oh and did I mention this was a whole bedroom set....entire bed (headboard, frame, box springs, & pillowtop mattress), dresser w/ mirror and two night stands. The bidding started and if I remember right someone else started it out and it went up to $70. Brandon looked at me and asked if I wanted it so I said yes so he bid $80. After that no one else bid....WE WON!! I was in shock!! We just got this entire bedroom set for $80...are you kidding me!!! I was so excited to finally have our big bed and for getting it so extremely cheap.

Dresser and Mirror (so much bigger than our other dresser)

And the bed! This thing is big, so big our dogs can't even jump up on it anymore. It doesn't look that high but I really have to crawl into it. It's nice for both of us to have our own nightstand now. I have to get some new bedding now too. :)

P.S. I didn't mention that I can now cross off #64 on my 101 list!!

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