Tuesday, June 15, 2010

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks

Total Weight Gain - 5 lbs

Maternity clothes? Some shirts and a few pairs of pants but can still fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes pretty well. I just don't button my pants and wear a belt.

Stretch marks? No stretch marks that I've noticed. I'm applying Palmer's lotion.

Sleep? Haven't been sleeping very well this week but I seem to stay on my left side most of the night. It's too hard anymore to try and roll over.

Best moment this week? Brandon finally saw the baby moving!!

Movement? Yes mainly around 8-9 in the morning then again around 2 in the afternoons and sometimes when we're going to bed. 

Food cravings? Ice cream a couple times and tomatoes w/ salt.

Gender? Still don't know. Will try to find out again on the 24th.

Labor signs? Nope.

What I miss? Still sleep.

What I'm looking forward to? Starting the nursery!

Belly Button, innie or outtie? Very much innie still!

Emotions: Still absentmindedness and crying easily

**Still waiting on glucose test results**

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