Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a.....!!!!

Friday I had an appt for the antomy ultrasound. We've been really excited about knowing what we are having so there was no question whether we wanted to find out or not. We went in, I laid down and first thing the tech said was "the legs are crossed." I seriously wanted to say Are you kidding me!! Every u/s we've had the baby has been very active moving around and if I would've been far enough along we definitely could've seen if it was boy or girl.

She reassured me that she wasn't giving up and she would keep checking. We ended being in there for about 30 min. as she was checking the arms, legs, heart, kidneys, etc. to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be. Of course every time she checked back with the legs....still crossed! The baby didn't move at all during the ultrasound! She wasn't even able to get a 4D picture because it was head down and on my left side, the monkey just was not cooperating. Afterwards Brandon told me he was kind of glad we couldn't find out because he was really nervous and just knew she was gonna say It's a girl! Just because he's wanting a boy so bad. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all, just anxious and excited.

So....we still don't know what we're having and to be honest, I NEVER thought this would happen to us. I really thought we would go in there and have no trouble finding out. I am definitely a little frustrated but also just laugh about it sometimes knowing that are child already has a stubborn side.

On a positive note, the heartbeat was 137 which the tech said was perfect and weighing in at 10 oz. When I saw my doctor afterwards he said everything looks great with me and the baby, oh and I've only gained 1 pound the entire pregnancy!

My next appt I have the dreaded glucose test, although I'm not real worried about it. I just really want to pass the first test so I don't have to get my blood drawn 3 times in 1 day at the next one...ouch! I won't have my next ultrasound until 30 or 32 weeks (I can't remember which) so hopefully then we'll be able to tell what the little monkey is.

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