Wednesday, May 12, 2010

20 Weeks

I'm officially half way!! I can't believe how fast time is going. I found out when I was 4 weeks and I remember thinking this is going to take forever. Sometimes still each day goes pretty slow but then before I know it, it's been another week. Baby A's gender is unknown (see previous post) and it's actually a little exciting not knowing (although we think it's a boy) but we would still LOVE to know whether we have a Prince or Princess on our hands.

I've just realized that I haven't mentioned once what we've come up with names. We've already told some people our choices so I figure it's ok to tell on here. :) For a boy it will be Griffin changing this one, Brandon is dead set on the name and I'm really starting to like it too. For a girl, we're thinking Lily Jo. We aren't dead set on this but honestly we haven't talked much about a girl name. I really like it and as long as he does to, I think it's what we'll go with.

I haven't been feeling much different lately except that I cannot sleep good at all. I still toss and turn but it's starting to really bother me to lay on my left side and last night I had terrible leg aches in both legs. Not to mention my belly seems like it's gotten huge the last couple weeks. I never realized how hard it was to carry around so much weight...and I'm not even very big yet. Ugh!! At my appt Friday I mentioned my feet and fingers swelling so he told me to cut down on the salt and drink more! :( I love salty foods and I hate giving up my every day sweet tea. Oh the sacrifices for our little monkey. :)

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