Tuesday, May 25, 2010

22 Weeks

I'm now 22 weeks into my pregnancy. This past week I think my stomach has grown several inches, I feel like I'm carrying a basketball! I mainly feel the baby hitting or kicking in the mornings between 8-10 and afternoons between 2-4. It starts back up again in the evenings when I'm relaxing on the couch and the past few nights it's been up in the middle of the night. Overall I feel good except I've been battling a sinus infection the past week. I'm also not sleeping very well but I really haven't since I found out I was pregnant. I seem to just toss and turn all night and can't get very comfortable. I guess I'm just in training for when the baby gets here.

The weather this weekend was very hot and I got to experience my first day of getting overheated on Sunday. I played outside with the dogs for a while then put some clothes to hang on the line. When I was done I could tell I was getting too hot so I went inside and had to lay down for a while to get cooled off. I'm not really looking forward to those kinds of days this summer. And oh how I love the summer and hot weather when I'm not pregnant! :)

This weekend we plan on cleaning out the spare bedroom and get it primered and hopefully painted to start the nursery. Yay!

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  1. aww, hope that you can get some sleep!



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