Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a blizzard

Last week the meteorologists warned us that a snow storm was on its way and we could expect 9-12" of snow Saturday and Sunday. It started late Saturday night and went thru Sunday with a lot of blowing and drifting. Needless to say, we didn't go anywhere for a few days. 

Here's our breezeway. The snow blew in the door. We should probably get that sealed better. ;)
And by our back door. No getting out here LOL

It was very pretty though.
Poor Barrett was drifted in. Thank goodness he was warm in his pen.

Of course we had to make some chocolate snow ice cream.
View out our bedroom window that night
Check out the drift at the door now

Of course my husbands employer thought he could get to work so he attempted going. I was more than angry about this since the local authorities said emergency travel only for at least 2 days. To me, work is not an emergency but whatever...

Anyway, he ran his truck so hard just trying to get away from our house.
Then got stuck halfway down our drive.

His boss came and pulled him out and thankfully the roads were ok enough he was able to get to work and back home safely. 

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