Thursday, January 2, 2014

E.R Visits

In the three years that we've had kids we've been lucky enough to never have a trip to the E.R....until recently. 

The first trip occurred before Christmas. Brady had gotten a runny nose, after Lily had one of course. Then he developed a bad barky cough one night and it got me worried so I ventured out on the snow covered roads and took him in while hubs stayed with a sleeping Lily. Thankfully he just had a virus but unfortunately couldn't give him any meds beside Tylenol or Motrin. 

The second time was the Sunday before Christmas. After opening presents at my parent's house, Lily was climbing up the stairs behind Brandon. He didn't see her and sat down right on her hand. She immediately started crying & he just knew we broke it so off to the E.R we went. They took x-rays and confirmed, yes it was in fact fractured. Her pointer finger & middle finger bones were broke. 
They put a splint on it and wrapped it until we could get to the Orthopedic doctor on Christmas Eve. 
On Christmas Eve we took her to the doctor & after evaluating her he said it should heal within three weeks. She didn't need the wrap anymore and was just to be careful so not to break it worse.
I was terrified she would hurt it but she didn't do too bad. There were a few times she fell and it bothered her but thankfully no more breakage.
Fast forward to last week when we had to take her back to the doctor for a follow up. Her hand has completely healed! 

Now, hopefully we don't have anymore visits for a very long time. 

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