Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad News Bears

Well we got some bad news last night. The house we're currently renting is being put up for sale. :( We have the chance to buy it so I guess we're going to start filling out loan applications but this really puts a damper on things. To add to it, the realtor is supposed to be calling to come measure the rooms and take pictures....are they kidding???!!! One of the spare rooms is a mess b/c after the wedding I just threw everything back in there..we don't even use the room so it's basically just storage. Now I have to actually make myself go in there and clean and organize everything so this dumb person can come in and measure. (No offense to any realtors) If we don't get approved by the bank to buy a house we're pretty much gonna be homeless...I do not want to have to go back and live with Brandon's parents....ugghh!


  1. Wait...I don't understand. Are they planning to have the sale of the house and the end of your lease correlate? If you have a lease in place, it isn't null and void simply because they sell the house. It would be transferred to the new owner and it's up to them whether to renew your lease and treat the home as an investment property, or not to renew and move in themselves. If they haven't sold the home yet, there's no way for you to know either way right?

    I'm in a town where there are TONS of rentals, it's a way of life in such a transient place. In the homes that currently have leases, they have to advertise with "Home for sale, lease in place until xxx." Sometimes there's a 5 year lease on the place and the home is for sale so, in that case, they're transferring land-lords and everything else stays the same.

    Just hopefully some encouragement!! I could be all wrong about everything in your situation, but that's how it works as I'm familiar with it. :)

  2. We actually don't have a signed lease, we just signed a month to month contract so they just have to give us a 30 day notice before we have to be out.


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