Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Catch up

So to catch you up since that was a long time ago. We've celebrated Lily's first, second, & now third birthdays, moved into our own house, and had our son, Brady Lee. There have been many other milestones & not so great happenings that I'll recap on also. 

This past October I found out I was pregnant with our second child. We had been trying a few months so I was thrilled to see those double lines on the test. The first 12 weeks I had morning sickness as I expected but thank goodness it wasn't as bad as when I was pregnant with Lily. I did, however, have to get weekly 17p injections to prevent having preterm labor  since I had had it while pregnant with Lily.

Fast forward to December when we bought our house and were able to celebrate Christmas just a few weeks after moving in. 

In February, we got a new puppy. A weinaraner we named Barrett.
He's now 10 months old.

The next few months not much happened until May. 

On May 28th I was induced early in the morning to prepare for the birth of our son. 
We had to leave the house very early.
The whole experience was so much easier this time. 
It went pretty slow up until my water was broke at 2:30.
I received nubane around 3:00 ish then an epidural about 30-45 min later. I would say around 5:20ish I told my nurse I felt I needed to push. She checked me and she said yes in fact I was at a 10. She called the doctor and as I layed in the bed trying my hardest not to push, he got ready and the room was prepared for the baby. When he said it was time I pushed 3 times and at 5:45 Brady was born! He was perfect at 7 lbs 14 oz, 20" long. 

I had not allowed anyone at the hospital this time so after we had our bonding time and I had successfully nursed, we called our family so they could visit. My mom brought Lily and after not being sure about her baby brother at first, she now LOVES him!

He's now 5 months old and getting bigger everyday. He's doing great nursing but unfortunately still up about every 2 hours at night. 

Just for fun, here's both kids at 5 months. Just a little size difference. :)

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